English for Aircraft has over thirty years’ experience training English teachers to work with pilots, controllers, technicians, engineers, technical editors, cabin crew, operational management, dispatchers, loadmasters, airport management and passenger handling staff.

Over that period we have also performed language audits, designed resource centres and created a very wide range of specific curricula and training materials.

Take advantage of this unmatched expertise to train your language teachers working in aviation.
We are able to provide specifically-designed modular teacher training courses in your premises on topics such as:

  • Applying the ICAO Rating Scale and Descriptors to courseware design
  • Communicational pedagogies for grammar, syntax and vocabulary
  • Using the ICAO Guidelines
  • Content-based language learning
  • Teaching appropriate grammar and syntax skills
  • Teaching strategies for pilots, technicians and cabin crews
  • Developing classroom situations to elicit operational cognitive processes
  • Alternative strategies with existing training materials
  • Developing technical reading proficiency for technicians and pilots
  • Writing in Simplified English
  • Technical report writing
  • The teacher as facilitator and tutor
  • Combining operational and linguistic expertise
  • Creating a supportive and sustainable learning environment
  • Blended learning
  • Cascade training
  • On-the-job training
  • Monitoring students
  • Remedial, recurrent & lifelong learning
  • Using media resources
  • Integration of language skills
  • Using operational staff as language trainers
  • Progress and exit testing
  • Building lesson plans

 Do get in touch to find out what we can do to make your language training more effective and efficient. We also offer courses in Cambridge, UK.




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