In addition to our web-based courseware, we do have printed and computer-based materials available for sale.



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Here, for example, is " English for Aircraft " published by Editions Belin, the standard classbook for teaching technicians and students the English of aircraft maintenance.

It consists of two volumes :

Volume 1 : The Documentation Handbook consists of 26 learning modules covering the essential elements of technical English with Notes, Practice Exercises, Illustrative materials and tests. Regular Review sections enable learners to check their knowledge acquisition.

Volume 2 : The Maintenance Digest covers all the main ATA chapters with authentic examples of documents from conventional and fly-by-wire/glass cockpit aircraft. Each document is accompanied by graded activities allowing for a practical hands-on approach to the maintenance manual.

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docWise: SELF ACCESS TO MAINTENANCE DOCUMENTATION is a multimedia CBT program to help aircraft maintenance mechanics and technicians to use their technical documents more easily and more precisely. It helps learners acquire the vocabulary, structures and grammar of the English language that are necessary. It also gives practice in the use of different types of technical texts and different reading techniques. Its aim is a more accurate, efficient, and so safer, use of technical manuals.

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