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In aviation, language is inseparable from safety. Contributing to the enhancement of safety is the ultimate objective of Flightpath. So, this course is less about learning English than about learning how to perform communicative tasks in English effectively in non-routine and unexpected operational situations.

Flightpath is intended to assist pilots and air traffic controllers in reaching and maintaining a robust ICAO Operational Level 4 and progressing towards Level 5, keeping in mind that language proficiency is soon eroded over time and considerably reduced in stressful situations. It has been written not only for initial training, but also with a view to recurrent training, proficiency enhancement and life-long learning, which I believe is the only realistic and responsible perspective from which this safety-critical language proficiency should be viewed.

The Flightpath Student’s Book, with its audio and video material and authentic operational content, is part of a comprehensive suite of materials. It is supported by a website at www.cambridge.org/elt/flightpath/ which contains an extensive aviation glossary and additional articles, case studies and classroom resources. The accompanying Teacher’s Book is designed for teachers at all levels of experience. Equal attention has been given in the book’s activities to the needs of pilots, Air Traffic Control Officers, and mixed classes.

“It is a distinct pleasure to read a work that is genuinely what we have been proclaiming necessary for years: a content-based instructional tool of sufficient aviation-centric calibre to appeal to professional pilots with an invigorating language instruction style – challenging, fascinating, effective … Similarly, established non-English speaking ATC providers could use it to great effect with practising controllers.”

Brian Day, former Secretary to the ICAO PRICE Study Group






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