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The recent months of 2007 have been important for aviation English.

  • The second ICAO Aviation Language Symposium in May demonstrated that the aviation industry as a whole is becoming more aware and informed about the many issues surrounding the Language Proficiency Requirements, their implementation and the critical role of language generally in the chain of safe communication.

  • The 8th ICAEA (International Civil Aviation English Association) forum held in Cambridge on the theme of “Aviation English Training: choices and solutions ” at the end of August illustrated the vitality of the aviation English training industry. (www.icaea.pata.pl). Moreover, the working groups which addressed various criteria for assessing aviation English training materials, teacher training and teacher qualifications, under the supervision of Nicole Barrette-Sabourin of the Flight Safety Division at ICAO, may well be a first step taken towards self-regulation in the profession.

  • At the end of September, the ICAO Assembly approved a resolution on “Proficiency in the English language used for radiotelephony communications”
    ). This resolution defines how member States, which are unable to be fully compliant by 5th March 2008, are to manage Language Proficiency Requirement implementation. ...

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